About Us

Iexpress2explore is a registered educational/training company to provide training workshops, therapy sessions and classes to all population groups, through means of Dance/Movement and the Arts so as to achieve therapeutic means of re-discovering self.


To create a safe place for expression and exploration so as to facilitate individual awareness of the body and mind, and bringing therapeutic benefits to the body.


To promote awareness of body connection through dance/movement and the arts for greater ease of expression and embodiment through a person-centred approach for the young and old, dancer or non-dancer and the community at large in Australia and globally.


  • To enhance creativity and expression in young and old
  • To engage individual with body/mind connection
  • To nurture and educate the individual in health awareness
  • To facilitate individual and group therapy for the integration of body and self


Iexpress2explore logo is symbolic of a human being being able to find freedom to express and explore through Dance/Movement and the Arts. Expression and Exploration of the body movement is to find connection with self and in relation with others, resulting in the integration of the body, soul and mind. The spontaneity of expression, the flow of energy and the expansion of body movement reflect the fluidity of the body movement. The green figure is selected to depict the freshness of the spirit and the positive self when the body is in motion as the individual integrates with self and to others. The brown color depicts the grounding to the earth in which the body finds its connection.