Dance/Movement Psychotherapy

 Dance/Movement Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses the body movement to enhance the body and mind.  Certainly we all have experienced dance in itself that is therapeutic. Simply by moving and allowing the body flow with the rhythms results in a feeling good experience just like attending a Zumba class. Whereas Dance/Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) involves more than just the dance. Instead of having instructions provided in a dance class, it is the 'instructions' provided by listening to the body where the self moves in an authentic manner.  Personally I would like to share my experiences in which I have found healing through dance.

In the mid 90s I fell sick, with physically symptoms which has affected me, not only the physical but emotionally and in my mental mind. I was following procedures of visiting seven specialists with several medical tests hoping to find an answer to my issues.  My days within the years were filled with routines of eat, sleep and visiting the doctors.  My body is like a car going through an overhaul.  The medical professions at that time could not find a definite diagnosis to my case which was considered as an unexplained symptoms.  In my struggle as a survivor, i try to help myself in many ways. One way is to find the answer is in my body.  My body was trying to tell me to 'nurture' by moving.  Moving in an authentic manner. A manner in which I move accordingly to what my body wants me to move.  At that time, I only know in my mind that I was experiencing stress, and not being able to find a diagnosis, besides the physical symptoms of "electric" pain that were all over my body.  The physical pain was increased with 'sharp knife' pain at my knee, with having a 'coma-like' experience in my mind. These traumatic experiences were unbearable.

Certainly I know it is essential to have the mind and body connection. At that time, i did not feel this way. I felt that the mind was disconnected with the body.  During my struggle to find an answer, I began to explore with my body in movement and sensing how it would affect me cognitively and emotionally while i listen to the body while moving. I allow the body to speak to my mind and lead me in the dance.  Consciously and attuning to my very being, I engage my body in ways of moving such as movement that will bring me harmony in my mind and allowing my body to be nurtured in the areas of my pain till I find therapy.  It is a staying in the moment and be mindful of my own being and existence.

The healing in my body is basically getting back to the fundamentals of movement.  It is the re-patterning of my mind and body to achieve a state of balance in my being. This allows me to give attention to my body where healing can take place.  It is not movement in a fixed point in space but movement in the dance that has given me life. This is what I refer to as Dance/ Movement Psychotherapy.

"We learned from being moved and as well as from moving to find healing"  ~ Thio-Kaplan, Lillian Licensed Prov Reg Psychotherapist (PACFA, ARCAP) Licensed Dance/Movement Therapist (DTAA)
Kindly Note: Dance/Movement Therapist (D/MT) practises dance/movement psychotherapy. However, not all are licensed Psychotherapist.  Kindly check their background and with the association that they affiliated with when the title is used. The title 'Psychotherapist' the person is affiliated with an association on Psychotherapy with the required client contact hours to achieve this status.