UpComing Events

Iexpress2explore have several Involvements in Asia since 1991. We provide trainings workshops, therapy sessions and have presented in several parenting seminars. More than a decade, Lillian (pioneer in dance/movement therapy from Singapore), she has customised and delivered the trainings in Asia. Trainings on Dance/Movement therapy, Dementia CareTrainings, Developmental Rhythms, Natural Essentials, Designing Glycerin Soaps and Perfume Making. Asia trainings are now catered for those on request.

In Australia, our main base, in the past Lillian has worked for Jewish Holocaust survivors in therapy (with Sir Moses Montefiore Jewish Home) for the last 10years and moved on to training for staff on Dementia care. Now her focus is on therapy for children in dance/movement therapy and developmental movement; private art classes and danceyogini for children in after school care programs. In the years to come we want to put more attention to Australia since we have done more than two decades of work in Asia.

UPCOMING EVENTS: SEPTEMBER 2017 Dance/Movement Therapy Training (2 days full day training) check this space for upcoming programs.....